Thank you for taking the time to read this page and become informed about your candidates before casting your vote!  My name is Shannon Sloan and I am running for Livingston Parish Council District 3 because I believe the people of our district deserve the opportunity to elect a representative who prioritizes their best interests ahead of the government's.  My guiding principle is that I want to help YOU to live YOUR life the way that YOU see fit, provided it does not infringe on another person’s right to do the same. I am the only candidate who truly believes that you have a right to make your own choices, even if I don’t agree with them.  You own yourself. The government does not own you.  Please consider voting for liberty on October 12, 2019.

Why me?


As a former Republican, I finally got fed up with the 2 major parties growing the size and scope of government with no end in sight.  I realized that both the Republican and Democratic parties wish to control our lives, just in different ways.  As I sat in a Livingston Parish Council Ordinance Committee meeting and watched council members debate ordinances to save citizens from themselves, I knew I had to speak up for liberty. 

I believe that God gave us free will to make choices, good or bad, and accept the consequences of those choices. It was never the intended role of government to make our choices for us or to protect us from ourselves. I believe that no one has the right to hurt or steal from anyone else, and that the government has a role in protecting that right.  I believe it is the responsibility of myself and my fellow Christians to help our neighbors in need, not that of the government, which does so much less efficiently and at a far greater cost.  I believe in personal responsibility and the individual’s right to govern his own life.  I believe the government should stick to its intended role of protecting the individual rights of its citizens and basic infrastructure, not legislating morality, protecting people from their own poor decisions, or dictating to its citizens how they should live.

I am the only candidate willing to stand up for YOUR right to live your life the way you choose, regardless of whether or not I agree with it, and regardless of your political affiliation. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, or other, I am YOUR candidate.  I will always advocate for your right to make your own choices for yourself and for your family.  No, I am not naive enough to think I will go there and change the minds of all council members.  It will take time to bring people back to a liberty perspective.  What I can promise is to bring that perspective to them at every opportunity so that personal liberty will always be part of the discussion.  I will remind the council that we are not a "democracy" in which majority rules, but a "constitutional republic" in which the Constitution protects the rights of the minority. Please help me bring liberty to the Livingston Parish Council.  It is long overdue.

My Pledge



As your parish councilwoman, I pledge to do the following:

  • Support small businesses
  • Support smaller government and less government control of your life
  • Vote "no" to new taxes (as well as taxes disguised as "fees") and advocate for lower taxes at every opportunity 
  • Advocate for our second amendment rights
  • Turn to the free market rather than inefficient government solutions when possible 
  • Fight for the repeal of victimless crime laws 
  • Advocate for your private property rights
  • Be a constant reminder to the Council of the meaning of liberty
  • Advocate for the rights of the individual, born and unborn
  • Never to vote for a pay increase for the Council

More about me:

  • Proud mother of 3 amazing children in our public school system
  • 11-Year Resident of Denham Springs District 3 and proud to call it home
  • I am a Christian
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
  • 23 years in the Direct Mail industry
  • Member of the Libertarian Party (national)
  • Libertarian Party of Louisiana State Central Committee Officer and Livingston Parish Executive Committee Officer
  • Homeowner's Association Boardmember
  • Artist in my spare time (
  • Persistent, fair, reliable, honest, dedicated, and committed